Monday, June 14, 2010

SDVTG ♥ Stoney Clover Lane

Tatiana in Stoney Clover Lane

these gals are amazing! Ken+Lib are the designers of Stoney Clover Lane.
They are an inspiration to young designers since they are so young, and supadupa talented!!
We love these girls and their awesome bracelets.
Since usually I'm not the one writing the blogs here is a pic of myself, Tatiana
I wanted to take the time to write about these girls, to show off their bracelets and I took a picture of myself with the bracelets(ahhh dont make fun lol)!
They make all of these by hand and my set is a fortune cookie charm with a Buddha charm = GOODLUCK :)

Stoney Clover Lane jewelry also donates 25% of each purchase to the Dream Foundation
isn't that amazing???
Support them and SHOP NOW!! Stoney Clover Lane
We might even collaborate in making a bracelet for Supadupa Vintage!
what do you dolls think???
still in the works!WOOHOO :)



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