Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sherri Dupree Bemis rocking out our middle shreds t shirt in NUDE!

We were super excited when Sherri responded to us on twitter! We did our very first exclusive interview with Sherri a while back, if you missed out Check It.
Sherri told us she will be in Arizona and so we were excited to meet them and watch them serenate us arizonians :)
I have been such a huge fan of Eisley and faithful follower since I was 16!! and I know that I needed to go see them here in Arizona, so I did. Me and the intern headed to take some photos and enjoyed Eisley perform!

Here is me Tatiana (owner of SDVTG) with all the gals from Eisley!
We love you girls and love your music! Thank you for being super nice to us and for bringing beautiful music to our ears!

Check out a video a fan recorded @martini ranch in scottsdale!

Tatiana & SDVTG

Monday, June 27, 2011

Like the Bottoms???

1. Python Safari Short Shorts, $90

2.Levi Dark Shredded Shorts, $65

3.Americana Shorts, $80

4.Navajo Favorite Shorts, $89

Hey dolls!

We are so happy to bring in these fabulous hot shorts all made by us! We are always making new things every couple of months and well we decided to make hot shorts for this summer. You cannot go wrong with some fabulous PYTHON shorts this summer or even the native ethnic prints that are a huge HIT this summer. We make all of these by hand and will make these especially for you! come and shop for them! these shorts will be available for purchase next week.

Stay Tuned


Make that gal dance!

Baby Baby Baby! this is our favorite Jam of the week. This video is brilliant, walking and singing in the streets of France, naked, we have no idea how these gal's were down for it but loving the song and video for sure.




Saturday, June 25, 2011



We are so excited to show ya a sneak peak of our polaroid and film photo shoot we did this week. The first photo is one of the original Polaroid's we took but the bottom photos are just the ones I took with my blackberry. I know poor quality but it kind of gives ya a glimpse of what is coming.

We just collaborated with the fabulous New York brand SGC-NYC! They are providing the softest cotton tees for us to shred and we are so loving the styles we are bringing to you. They will be available in our shop probably after 4th of July weekend ;)

Stay tuned dolls and you will love everything that is coming for Supadupa Vintage!

OH and quick reminder! our buddies at Wasteland Clothing Melrose will be carrying some fabulous Rock Band Vintage Shredded Tee's. Stay on the lookout.


Friday, June 24, 2011


Now that its officially summer its time to update your IPOD for all those unforgettable trips and beach days you will hopefully have. Luckily, LUV AJ has put together a summer mixtape for you to download and obsess over all sweet summer long. Along with the mixtape she also created a short music video set to the first track, Ellie Goulding-Starry Eyed.

The Luv Aj Summer Mixtape from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.

If your feeelin the mixtape and want to download it, you can either LIKE LUV AJ ON FACEBOOK orFOLLOW LUV AJ ON TWITTER to retrieve the link to download.


Monday, June 20, 2011

sweeet sweeet styling

Stumbled upon this amazing look book for Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Love everything about this shoot all the way down to the sparkly backdrop! What are your thoughts?


Saturday, June 18, 2011


We are in ♥ with Penelope and Coco's Fall Collection!! If you love fabulous shoes, you will love Penelope and Coco.
They don't just have oxfords but their new collection now includes wedges, heels, and more studded boots!!
Get your awesome pair of P&C now!



Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We love these awesome hippie/nature/care free inspired photos!
Our shoot is on Wednesday and we are so excited to incorporate the hippie 1970s strong trend going on in our editorial.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We ♥

We are so excited to introduce to you an upcoming brand from the OC that we love LOLA PAIGE

We have a couple of their items in our store and they are the cuttest dresses to own for the HOT summer weather. It's super hot here in AZ 110 degrees, we can't stand it but the good thing is that we can now wear the cutest summer dresses, and short shorts.

Get yourself some Lola Paige for this summer SHOP NOW


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Love Sam bohemian top
$174 -

LnA scoop neck top
$74 -

TopShop cream vest
$90 -

Missoni elastic waist shorts
215 GBP -

Current/Elliott high rise shorts
60 GBP -

Alice In The Eve floor length skirt
$100 -

Minnetonka front lace boots
$89 -

Velour bag

Floral jewelry
$14 -

Dorothy Perkins brown jewelry
4 GBP -

Miss Selfridge belt
18 GBP -

You cannot go wrong with the festival look this summer. Grab a pear of crochet tops, leather fringe bags and some leather moccasins and you are good to go. We love this outfit we put together! Do you love it as well??