Monday, June 27, 2011

Like the Bottoms???

1. Python Safari Short Shorts, $90

2.Levi Dark Shredded Shorts, $65

3.Americana Shorts, $80

4.Navajo Favorite Shorts, $89

Hey dolls!

We are so happy to bring in these fabulous hot shorts all made by us! We are always making new things every couple of months and well we decided to make hot shorts for this summer. You cannot go wrong with some fabulous PYTHON shorts this summer or even the native ethnic prints that are a huge HIT this summer. We make all of these by hand and will make these especially for you! come and shop for them! these shorts will be available for purchase next week.

Stay Tuned



  1. we actually changed the pricing on our bottoms! we made a boo boo and thought they might be over priced! :)

  2. You have the cutest vintage ever!! Lovin the navajo shorts!

  3. Thanks doll! and we are loving your blog!! we will have these shorts available next week or this weekend ;0 stay tuned xx