Friday, July 30, 2010


We are in LOVE with LUVAJ Jewelry!
These are some pieces from her collection which we used for our Photo Shoot in L.A recently! We are super anxious to release the pictures but not until we launch the site, stay tuned!!

Amanda Thomas the designer and owner of LUVAJ is wearing one of our Kukkoon Line Tees in white! do you love?
WE DO!! :)

If you are super interested in owning one of those pieces like the knuckle rings, bracelets, chain necklaces then go SHOP NOW :)!

Thanks Amanda we ♥ ya!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Do you need to know what shoes you need in your closet for this FALL???
Well then it might be your lucky day!! We are OBSESSED with SEYCHELLES SHOES!!
Their shoes are not just cute but their comfortable and trendy!!
Here are a couple of our FAV shoes from their Spring and believe its part of FALL collection.
Don't you love those boots??
Pair them with one of our awesome Shredds and a leather jacket or coat YOU ARE GOOD TO GO!!
Their shoes will be featured in our new SHOOT we just did in L.A woohoo cannot wait to reveal all the pics!!
Get your SEYCHELLES shoes today!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WE ♥

If you don't know who she is, Monica is an amazing Stylist to the Kardashians and other of her clients on E!
We have not written a special blog post for Monica, but we are now :)
She is one of the first stylist to believe in our work and LOVE our collection!
We wanted to make this special post for her because we truly admire her talent, hard work, and great EYE in styling!!!
MONICA thanks so much for believing in us and for supporting our collection WE ♥ YA!!!

Here are her clients The Kardashians wearing some of our pieces!
WOHOO dont they look amazing???


Saturday, July 24, 2010

A SUPADUPA collabo!!!!!

We have been talking about collaboration for a really long time for stoney clover lane and its actually going to happen. We are so stoked to release these set of new bracelets and charms. We will not be selling them at out store but you can purchase the sets at around august/September.

The awesome girls Ken+Lib did a cute collage for us and thought we would do the same since we love and support their work.

we hope you enjoy this collage and stay tuned for these up and coming bracelets!!!

P.S. we cant say what the charms are yet but you will see soon!!



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christeric sure knows how to rock a SHREDDIE!!!

We were browsing all over google, we usually do that to see if anyone has been writing or feature SDVTG!!
And we found Christine who has her amazing blog
She is rockin our shredded t shirt that we no longer make!! This shirt was one of our first tees ever sold to virgo when we first started with the line in 09!
SHe paired it with some amazing Leopard print pants amazing right??
and her hair too and rings ahhh TO DIE FOR!!

check her blog out!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We just came back from an awesome L.A TRIP and wow wasnt that just amazing trip lol
We are so stoked to launch the new site and show you all the new pictures and new clothing and new designer merch and everything else!!!

Our domain might be changing soon dolls just letting you all know about that!
Its going to be easier to go on since the domain is going to be just a tad shorter.
EASIER TO SHOP! lol Our etsy shop will R.I.P soon :( but hey its for the better right?

ALSO we have been talking about a Blogger Contest!
trying to figure out how we can do it and all the rules etcc..
But basically we want to choose ONE blogger from all over the world not just from the U.S. to be chosen and featured in our new website launch and to choose her/his fav. pick in our store!! good idea?? we are opened to any suggestions!!!

here are some pics of our shoot in Los Angeles!! these pics are part of our STONEYCLOVER LANE Collaboration! Both SDVTG and STONEYCLOVER LANE designed an amazing new set of charms to bring in with the launch of our site!! :)
Bracelets will be available soon in August/September at
EVeryone enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey dolls we wanted to congratulate these winners for entering the awesome Giveaway and winning some SVDTG SHREDDS!!!
we wanted to thank everyone once again for entering and WE ♥ you all!!
Don't forget our WEBSITE will LAUNCH in AUGUST!

we are designing NEW items that you would DIE for WOOHOO!
and our shoot is SATURDAY, we will be tweeting some sneak peek PiCS and we might
shoot a small clip of the shoot! SO MANY GOOD THING HAPPENING RIGHT!?? :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


THANK YOU to everyone that entered the giveaway!
It was amazing to see that more than 200 followers entered! THANKS DOLLS!
You guys are just amazing, and supporting SDVTG to the fullest thanks.
All the followers that entered DO NOT feel discouraged, there is always a chance to win with us!
We always do random giveaways every couple of months and we will announce the next giveaway in about 1 month or so ;)

We would probably have a Giveaway in the launch of our new website, which you are going to LOVE! our website will be launching mid August early September. Our Webshop will be filled with NEW MERCH, Vintage clothing, and our clothing line!

Anyways here are the awesome winners from the twitter giveaway:
Jackie, Jamie and Joel

Pictures of these followers will be up soon :)



Monday, July 12, 2010

We ♥ Stylestalker!!

we are in ♥ with this brand. They are super amazing right?
love the edginess and chic designs, the chain dress is to DIE for one of our favs.
We are hoping to carry some of their designs in the launch of our new webshop next month :)
Cross your fingers dolls!
This collection is their Midnightcollection filled with black tight formfitting dresses and even a splash of some color nudes, like their Suspense Dress and their Long Sleeve backless dress.

Well we wanted you to check them out too

comment comment!


Friday, July 9, 2010


We are having an awesome Twitter giveaway again dolls!!!
this time we are giving away 2 tees for only one winner :)
YAY! we will probably be giving away a Middle SHREDDS TEE, a Black Bfly Tee or a KUKKOON TEE as on Khloe Kardashian several times:)


all you have to do is follow us on TWITTER
(if you dont have a twitter then get one now!!)
RT any messages we say "RT now if you would like to be entered in the giveaway"
You can only RT once dolls!
We will be drawing followers names in 2 weeks and the winner will be sent 2 awesome SHREDDIES from SDVTG

But please do remember you need to FOLLOW us on twitter in order to enter!



Thursday, July 8, 2010

WE ♥ VintageVirgin!!

We are IN LOVE with her! She is so awesome! Let us introduce to you the fab Vintage Virgin!!!
Vintage Virgin is a blogger filled with amazing fashion info and most important her DOPE outfits! Must want her closet? right! :)

Wearing is our Kukkoon Line t shirt in black,some vintage amazing colorful Versace Pants, and vintage jewelry she has made.
What do you dolls think? we say WE LOVE IT!

visit her site:
Vintage Virgin


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whitney Wolfe Totes!

Designer Whitney Wolfe has launched these amazing Tote bags, that are super cute and made with 100% organic bamboo, But their not just that, these totes are helping the Oil Spill
With a purchase of this bag 60% of all proceeds goes to Ocean Future Society.
And these totes are only $24.00!!
hurry and get yours now!
visit her site and help out:
Whitney Wolfe


Sunday, July 4, 2010

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!

we want everyone to have an awesome weekend, we will not be in the office till Tuesday,
BUT we DO have an awesome FREE SHIPPING and SALE going on for this HOLIDAY WEEKEND!
WHAT IS EVERYONE WEARING??? our model in the picture is wearing some awesome high waist vintage shorts, a mickey mouse vintage cutoff american flag tee and a red belt with some awesome MICKEY EARS!!!


Everyone BE SAFE and we LOVE YOU ALL!!