Sunday, January 31, 2010

♥Looking for a gift for this VALENTINES DAY?

Hello our little followers!
♥Are you looking for an amazing gift for your loved one??

Then you should gift them an amazing t shirt from our collection!
It is one of a kind all hand made and would be a great gift for him or her!!

Click on the sidebar picture where it says SHOP TEE COLLECTION
Please note to purchase now! It does take about 1 week for us to
Ship since we make by order!
We are not responsible to ship in less than a week if you do not purchase in advance

It would be the greatest gift!
Happy Early Vday! And SHOP NOW

Thursday, January 28, 2010

SDVTG @ WASTELAND stores in 2 weeks!

We are super EXCITED about Wasteland Clothing!
Its such great news to know that all 4 stores will be carrying our shirts.
It's so amazing how our line has been out for 5 months and
we keep hearing good news after good news!

We are counting down and you should too!
SUBSCRIBE to our email on the sidebar to get some
awesome SDVTG updates through your email!

Visit your local WASTELAND STORES In California...
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Fran, Burbank

Also follow us on Twitter if your not!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working Hard is What We do BEST!

SDVTG is Working hard to make everybody Happy and receive their amazing one of a kind Vintage T Shirts!
We want to thank everyone for their patience since we are doing both store orders and our own online SDVTG store orders. It takes a lot of time sometimes 2-3 hours 1 shirt but we do this because we love what we do! and it feels great when you see a celeb, customer, friend wearing one of our shirts.
Thank you to everyone once again
and stay tuned for WASTELAND CLOTHING which will be carrying our shirts in about 2 weeks.
They have stores in Burbank, Los Angeles, San Fran, and Santa Monica.
All Exclusive to Wasteland.

Enjoy the pic of myself Tatiana killin it in the studio haha

Oh and we had to post this pic of Chanel Iman for Vogue Espana OBSESSED !!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SDVTG and Tatyana Ali for Mami Magazine!

We love Tatyana Ali and this dress looks amazing on her!

Finanlly the cover came out and Tatyana is wearing one of our amazing dress samples.
Its a tie dye purple dress shredded from the whole front and Tatyana rocked the look.
Thanks to Mr. Bradshaw stylist! you rocked Tatyana's look and put together an amazing sexy, chic outfit.
visit Mami Magazine for more of Tatyana's looks:

enjoy lovely readers

Buy a shirt and donate to Haiti!

image courtesy of buzzybloggers

Hello everyone!
We are really devastated by what happened to our people from Haiti
We would love to donate and help Haiti!

Since we are a small business we thought
Well why not have our customers by a shirt to help Haiti!!

When you buy a t-shirt from our Etsy half 10% of the amount of each shirt sold will go
To proceeds to Haiti!
SDVTG wants to help :)

So help us out and be part of this!
Our shirts are vintage one of a kind and recycled!
So start now and help us out!

This will only happen between today and the 26th of january!

Visit the etsy shop to start helping now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to take care of your SDVTG Vintage T shirt!

Hello our lovely Supadupa readers.
A lot of our customers have been asking
How should I take care of my shirt?
Do i wash it in the washer? Or how?

Washing your shirt in the washer might damage
The shredding on your shirt, it would be
Much better to wash your shirt by hand
And dry on flat surface!
But if you would like to wash it in the washing machine
You can just make sure you dry on flat surface not
The dryer! This is including the dresses!
Not the leggings!(Leggings you can wash how ever you like)

If you have anymore questions
You can always email us at:

We love you all and we hope you love your shirt forever!
They are all made by hand with love for all of our
Fashionistas out there!


Monday, January 18, 2010

SDVTG galore at Rose Bowl Flea Market

We love FLEA MARKETS! they are sooo fun!
We thank everyone for purchasing our vintage and shirt collection
Here are some pics from the flea market for you to enjoy!
That's us the designers Martin and Tatiana

we hope to do another flea market soon
but for now we are tooo busy making shirts ITS CRAZY!

Friday, January 15, 2010

SDVTG would like to help a foundation!

SDVTG is really interested in helping an Organization or Foundation by donating a couple of our t shirts for a great cause!
If you are part of any organizations around your community or know of any you think we can help, shoot us an email:

Email us all the information, address, and we would love to work with you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hmm Is this One of our t shirts?????

images courtesy of buzzhollywood

this is Miley Cyrus looking super trendy!!!
Everyone has been asking SDVTG if this is one of our pieces.
We wanted to set the record straight that this is NOT a Supadupa Vintage Shredded Shirt!

We are sending her a couple of our samples this week and we hope to see
her wearing one of OUR pieces soon!

But if you love love her t shirt we have one similar to this check out the store!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our collection is up and running on ETSY!

Our collection is here and it is going strong!
we are in the talks with Wasteland Vintage stores on Melrose and their other 3 stores.
We are crossing our fingers!

We are also in the works with a foundation (ssshhhh we cant say who)
and some celeb giftings ;)
This year is bringing us SUCCESS and that s what we want!
SDVTG etsy store

SDVTG Twitter

So hurry and dont forget to shop the Etsy store more more and more of our collection is coming this week ;)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SDVTG 2010 Collection is here!!!

SDVTG has released their 2010 collection.
We will be selling to more and more stores around the U.S. stay tuned!
We hope everyone had an amazing New Year Celebrations and
SDVTG will be coming strong this year!!

thank you to all the people who helped out with the shoot:

Chinese Laundryfor providing us with shoes
Miss Pico Union For providing us amazing photography Fez and Kelly!
And Jewelry provided byOriginales by Rosie and CC Skye!

We will be updating our Etsy store this week and might be selling
awesome Vintage pieces on our Ebay store.

We hope you enjoy this Collection and there will be more pictures to come soon ;)
Any questions or interest on our line sheet/look book
please email us: