Sunday, January 24, 2010

Working Hard is What We do BEST!

SDVTG is Working hard to make everybody Happy and receive their amazing one of a kind Vintage T Shirts!
We want to thank everyone for their patience since we are doing both store orders and our own online SDVTG store orders. It takes a lot of time sometimes 2-3 hours 1 shirt but we do this because we love what we do! and it feels great when you see a celeb, customer, friend wearing one of our shirts.
Thank you to everyone once again
and stay tuned for WASTELAND CLOTHING which will be carrying our shirts in about 2 weeks.
They have stores in Burbank, Los Angeles, San Fran, and Santa Monica.
All Exclusive to Wasteland.

Enjoy the pic of myself Tatiana killin it in the studio haha

Oh and we had to post this pic of Chanel Iman for Vogue Espana OBSESSED !!!!!!


  1. Love the top and shoes that Chanel is wearing in the pic!

  2. Yeah thats why we had to post this pic! its just too fierce :) xoxo

  3. was the top picture at the pasadena flea market? do you have a spot there?