Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to take care of your SDVTG Vintage T shirt!

Hello our lovely Supadupa readers.
A lot of our customers have been asking
How should I take care of my shirt?
Do i wash it in the washer? Or how?

Washing your shirt in the washer might damage
The shredding on your shirt, it would be
Much better to wash your shirt by hand
And dry on flat surface!
But if you would like to wash it in the washing machine
You can just make sure you dry on flat surface not
The dryer! This is including the dresses!
Not the leggings!(Leggings you can wash how ever you like)

If you have anymore questions
You can always email us at:

We love you all and we hope you love your shirt forever!
They are all made by hand with love for all of our
Fashionistas out there!


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