Sunday, February 28, 2010

Want a FREE Kukkoon Line TEE??

The amazing Hillary Frazier, editor of is doing a GIVEAWAY! is giving away an amazing Kukkoon Line Tee, just for you :)

What you have to do:
Do you have a twitter??
well first you need a Twitter account, its easy!
and then follow Fashion Indie and Supadupa Vintage on Twitter and RT this message to enter! (as many times as you would like):
GIVEAWAY: @SDVTG Shredded Tee as seen on Kim Kardashian! Follow @Fashionindie and @SDVTG, then RT to enter!

HURRY and enter to win ;)
start tweeting now!

and also check out the article/interview from
Fashion Indie


Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking for models!

We are looking for amazing NEW models for us to shoot ASAP! next week.
We are a Los Angeles based co. but we are in Arizona at the moment.
If you know anyone you think has the potential to model for us
email us your full photo and description

We are looking for FEMALE models only!
who have a fresh NYLON MAG look, really flirty with LONG hair
preferable Blond or Brunette.

SUBMIT before March 3rd!
this is a desert shoot (outdoors) and it will be compensated


Hope to hear from a lot of models soon!


OUR Store is UPDATING at the moment! we are catching up with all of our Store orders and Online Orders at the moment and we are bringing NEW DESIGNS in about 1 week.
We are sorry for any inconvenience but please be aware that these tees are all made BY HAND of course with GREAT L.O.V.E
and usually a tee takes about 1 hour to make.
Please be patient with us and hope everyone understands!

But THANK YOU for your support!
OMG this means so much to us since we are such a small business and everything picked up SO FAST!
and well thanks to Kim Kardashian and Monica Rose for giving us the opportunity to have KIM wear our tee!
And also all the BLOGGER sites for being so supportive thanks!

OH AND the pic we posted is Tatiana, the designer with a Sneek Peak of our NEW Galaxy Collection for the SUMMER!

Our store will be up in 1 week!

Any questions please feel free to email us


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Virgo Boutique check it out!!

SDVTG at Virgo! great color tees for the Spring and Summer, different styles exclusively at Virgo Boutique.

Virgo is supporting all the indie designer brands! You should go check out the store if your in L.A or just on VACATION!
Great prices, and of course our tees!

If you do end up going let us know what you think! we say Virgo Boutique is CHIC!


We love you all and trying our best!

Shippin Shipping Shipping!! Thank you everyone for waiting for their tees.
We are working hard to get them all shipped on time :)
We have orders from all over the world which is super exciting!!
Shipping to Japan, London, Denmark, its just so exciting.

Thank to everyone for their support and we are working hard!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Our first Celeb spotted in Our SHREDDED TANK!

Twitter is amazing!! we logged on to our twitter and read the most amazing tweet ever!
The Fabulous Monica Rose, Stylist to the lovely Kardashians tweeted that Our Shredded Tank was spotted on Kim Kardashian.

SDVTG was really happy especially, Tatiana since shes the designer!
Thank you so much Monica for giving us the opportunity, and Kim for making our Tank look S U P A D U P A Chic!

Check out Monica Rose's Blog to read what she said about SDVTG:
Monica Rose Blog

Leave your comments!
and follow us on twitter and here on our BLOG!



London how much we love you!

We are so happy so many amazing blogger's have been so interested to interview and feature SDVTG for their BLOGS!

Thanks to Tala Samman, A stylish and chic blogger from London for featuring us in her amazing site
READ to see what she says about SDVTG:
My Fash Diary

Super excited to be featured on more blogs!
If you have a blog and would like to feature us, just send us an email:

Thanks so much everyone! WE LOVE YOU


Sunday, February 21, 2010


WOW!!! this is gone TIM BURTON STYLE! we are loving this!
I was browsing and saw this Bazaar Editorial!
We are so OBSESSED with those Nina Ricci no heel boots!
These editorial reminds me of Alica in Wonderland and Edward Scissor Hands!
I guess that was the whole Tim Burton inspiration!

Yeah it isn't SDVTG news but we are so obsessed that we had to post!
Let us know what you think


Friday, February 19, 2010


Making these tees is our passion and inspires us to make so much more new designs!
You really really have no idea whats coming ;)
AMAZING new designs! launching for this SUMMER and a great NEW WEBSITE! coming June 1st.. stay tuned! This time its going to be shopping galore in ONE website.

We know there are so many DIY on how to make your own shredded tee but if you really don't have the time of day, you know WE do! this is what we L O V E to do and we will keep making it till our hands are tired ;)

All of our tees are one of a kind with vintage recycled tees!
all 100% cotton and amazing for this coming Spring/Summer

We do want to thank all of our customers for their support!
and patience since we do make all tees to order.

If any stores are interested in a Line Sheet just contact us at:

Thanks to Everyone and SHOP SHOP SHOP
Supadupa Tee Shop

And so sorry we havn't been on top of any Vintage!!
we have been sooo busy with the tee collection that we barely have time to even take pics of new vintage to sell on Ebay!
We will soon PROMISE!!!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

We cannot say how much we love this!

We love this girl!! she is amazing, chic, and so outgoing!
Introducing Olivia, a blogger and obsessed..

She has a great sense of style and of course loves her Kukkoon Line T Shirt.
Seriously, her profile is filled with a lot of fans just
loving and hyping her pictures!
Her blog is filled with great fashion info and her amazing outfits of each day.
Check out what she wrote about SDVTG

I've Got Lust For Life

We love ya all!!

Let us know what you think about the pics!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Our favorite store for all vintage finds, Wasteland Clothing has just received our Supadupa Vintage shredded Tee's!!!

We received great news from Wasteland San Fransisco that ALL Kukkoon Line Tee's were sold out in 1 day! AMAZING! Words cannot describe how happy we are!
Thanks to all of our SDVTG Lovers for their Support and We are designing NEWWWW Tees for the summer and we will have an amazing summer photo shoot!!!

This is all coming soon in April 2010.

We love you all and go SHOP at wasteland for your handmade one of a kind vintage shredded tee.
Wasteland Clothing Stores:
San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica


Friday, February 12, 2010

The Vintage Modern look!

Pictures courtesy of

Vena Cava's Fall/Winter 2010 collection.
We are in love and we had to post!
It's not SDVTG NEWS but we sure are in love with FASHION and DESIGNERS!!

VINTAGE is still strong and it shows how fashion keeps rotating and styles keep coming back! this is why we are truly in love with Vena Cava's Collection.

This look is 70s inspired and truly shows it with this amazing outfit!

We also love the quirky sunglasses.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have lost a wonderful and talented man!

SDVTG is truly devastated by the death of an amazing and talented designer, Lee Mcqueen which was founder and designer for Alexander Mcqueen.

We will not mention the causes of his death, but what we will say is that it is a very sad day for us since he is an inspiration to all starting upcoming designers like us!!

Our condolences goes out to his family, and friends who are also sad about this tragedy.

We are in Shock and mourning! We will miss you Lee and We will Always love YOU and your work.

Here is a video from Alexander Mcqueen's Spring 2010 runway show:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kukkoon Line Featured on Marie Claire Magazine

Better picture coming soon!
We got the greatest news ever that our Kukkoon Line T Shirt was featured on
Marie Claire Magazine on page 40 "What We Love About You"

This fashionista is wearing one of our Grey Shredded Kukkoon Line T Shirt
with a great pear of black jeans and black boots which makes an awesome combo.

We hope you all enjoy it!
and leave your comments


Thursday, February 4, 2010

SHOP for our BEST Seller Items!!

These have been our top seller items to our lovely customers and stores!
You will also see them soon on our lovely celebs ;)

People have been asking, well how do I buy one of your t shirts??

You can always shop the store at our etsy store
Supadupa Shop

Dont forget that "all t shirts are handmade one of a kind
from Vintage recycled tees"

Thanks for your support and We love you all!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chinese Laundry SHOES! are amazing

We want to thank Martha at Chinese Laundry for letting us pull for our collection photo shoot!

These shoes are super HOT, CHIC, and TRENDY!
everyone should check out their website!

These shoes worked out perfect for the shoot!

Chinese Laundry

JAPAN how much we ♥ YOU!

This amazing Japanese Blogger, "I Knew I Had To Have You" wrote about how obsessed she was with SDVTG tees!
And we love her blog super chic!
The whole blog is written in Japanese language, we wish we could understand :(
But overall we love this blog!

Check out what she wrote about SDVTG:
I knew I had to Have YOU!

Check out and tell us what you think :)
or if you know any japanese please translate!

Thank JAPAN!