Friday, February 19, 2010


Making these tees is our passion and inspires us to make so much more new designs!
You really really have no idea whats coming ;)
AMAZING new designs! launching for this SUMMER and a great NEW WEBSITE! coming June 1st.. stay tuned! This time its going to be shopping galore in ONE website.

We know there are so many DIY on how to make your own shredded tee but if you really don't have the time of day, you know WE do! this is what we L O V E to do and we will keep making it till our hands are tired ;)

All of our tees are one of a kind with vintage recycled tees!
all 100% cotton and amazing for this coming Spring/Summer

We do want to thank all of our customers for their support!
and patience since we do make all tees to order.

If any stores are interested in a Line Sheet just contact us at:

Thanks to Everyone and SHOP SHOP SHOP
Supadupa Tee Shop

And so sorry we havn't been on top of any Vintage!!
we have been sooo busy with the tee collection that we barely have time to even take pics of new vintage to sell on Ebay!
We will soon PROMISE!!!



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