Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Kim Kardashian in our middle shredds NUDE tee

WootWoot Kim Wearing our nude shredded middle tee super super stoked for this! And also dont miss it this week Kan Von D will be wearing our white CobWebb tee in white on LA INK :)
Since the Kardashians have been wearing our clothes so much we think its time to meet them right? WE WISH! a lot of fans of SDVTG think we have met them before but we never have :( lets make it happen!!!! Hope soon :) that would be exciting!

But anyways we believe the other shredded tee she wore this past week was not ours, since this one totally looks like ours so our apologize about that one oops!
But this one is deff. ours :)

Thanks Kardashian gals! for loving our line and for Monica Rose the best stylist ever!


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