Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey dolls!

We are super stoked to bring in some amazing NEW items to the shop!
Great chunky sweaters, dolly dresses, ponchos, capes, I mean you name it!
Super sorry for the delay on all of our FALL and WINTER items!
we have been super busy and hope everyone is more EXCITED than disappointed.

We want to bring you the best vintage pieces and new designs!!

BUT for now! we are having a mini VETERANS DAY WEEK SALE!!
SHOP for sunglasses, and some vintage pieces.

Take a look of whats in the SALE SECTION: SALE!!!


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  1. Ah, I'm obsessed with your blog/store! I found you guys through Olivia L.'s blog (the one whom inspired me to begin my own) and I fell in love. I heard about a fashion show coming up and was wondering if it was possible I could cover the show on my blog? I have absolutely no details on it but if it has anything to do with SDVTG, I'm all for it. Just putting myself out there >.< I hope you can get back to me. Check out my blog here if you're interested: www.cheapthrillas.blogspot.com

    Thank you