Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Its no secret that Australia is home to some of the most talented fashion designers to date. When it comes to Jewellery, there's no question that its pretty impeccable. French born, but calls Australia her home, Estelle Dévé pays perfect homage to the beautiful country with her collection called ‘Mars Borealis’. "In a palette of gold and khakis, rings, earrings and pendants are designed to resemble cratered terrain. The resulting pieces seem very natural and organic, almost like they have been dug up on a trip to the desert. The use of rose gold, Swarovski crystal and pearls creates the perfect contrast with the natural landscape, creating an unexpected balance of precious and precocious." We couldn't love this collection more, and the fact that she didn't even use models in her look book gives it a very unique look and proves that these pieces are so amazing they don't even need to be flaunted for us to love them. thoughts?


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