Thursday, September 30, 2010


We interviewed Lynzy from the blog From Skirts to Skillets and OH MY she is amazing :) Check out what LYNZY had to say :) we love her!!

SDVTG:how did you start your blog? and when did you start blogging?
Lynzy:When I first started my blog I was going crazy learning all the html! After a few weeks it became easier. I started blogging June 2010! The blogging atmosphere has been extremely supportive and I am so grateful to have met so many amazing people!

SDVTG:How did you come up with the name Skirts and Skilets?
Lynzy:Well the title is actually a combination of my boyfriend and I brainstorming one evening about what I should name my new blog. I wanted the title to include my two passions: cooking and fashion!

SDVTG:Who inspired you or what inspired you to be a blogger?
Lynzy:One day I woke up and had the urge to just start writing and composing posts! I have been inspired by so many other bloggers and I deliver much of the credit to them. I also use blogging as an outlet from my job as a Physician Assistant in the ER.

SDVTG: How did you hear about Supadupa Vintage?
Lynzy:Just surfing along on the web, so glad I came across your blog/store!

SDVTG:What do you like about our Line/Store?
Lynzy:What's not to like about your line? Your pieces are the perfect combination of girly/edgy and I just adore it!
My favorite items are:
Lace Dress
Cross Tee ( I am totally in love with this one)
& the floral blouse
favorite pieces

Uhm, I wanted to choose them all? ;)

SDVTG:If you could describe yourself in ONE WORD what would it be?
Lynzy:"Go-getter", hmm that may qualify as two words?

SDVTG:What is your inspiration?
Lynzy:My inspiration is gathered from many editorials; the recent J.Crew video was one of my favorites. I am also inspired by Alexa Chung, Alexander Wang, and last but not least, all the wonderful bloggers I follow :)

SDVTG:Name a trend for this Fall that you LOVE or cannot WAIT to wear?
Lynzy:Well since Fall is my favorite season I have a few! Chunky knit sweaters, oversized ponchos, fur trimmed booties, and velvet dresses!

THANKS LYNZY and hope you all enjoyed our first interview!

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