Friday, May 13, 2011


The 70's are back, but did they every really leave us? This trend has been going strong for a while now and we cant seem to get enough of it, and it seems neither can the fashion industry. All across the runways designers are getting their inspirations from everything from the fringe to the maxi skirt. Not everyone can pull off the wide leg but if you can, its time to retire the skinny jeans and put some flared ones on! You can't think 70's without thinking fringe, feathers and more feathers! We are loving the feather extentions, earrings, and headband trend going on right now, as well as the crochet vests and paisley print blouses. I think its safe to say that this era is a key inspiration to fashion and with summer just around the corner it doesnt seem like its going anywhere anytime soon! So, put your headband, fringe bag and flowing dress on and find your innner hippie!

What are your guy's favorite trends inspired by the 70's?