Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We are so excited to be featured on LADYLUX.COM! If you havent already heard of it go check it out, its a great website for everything fabulous, whether it be fashion, beauty or travel.

"Since LadyLUX last spoke with her in March 2010, designer Tatiana Bolanos has been busy doing what she does best: shredding it up. With a revamped website, an etsy and eBay store, and new Spring/Summer collection inspired by vintage ‘50s styles, plus her latest line, the AZ Route 1972 Summer Collection, the designer has been taking her signature shredded style to new heights. LadyLUX caught up with her to learn all about her hot new looks.

The scorching summer sun of Arizona – her current home – inspired Bolanos’ newest collection of shorts and Levis. From Navajo-inspired print shorts to dark cutoffs and even a pair of shorts featuring an American flag, this heat shines through in the tattered pieces, which draw from the classic fashion trends of the ‘70s.

“Women die for our shredded vintage cut-off Levi shorts!” said Bolanos, who began designinged at the early age of 16, said. “We have been making and selling those like crazy and each piece is unique in its way, since all of them are shredded and dyed by hand.”

Teaming up with upcoming brand SGC-NYC, the designer has also produced various T-shirt options a la shredded style, using SGC’s soft-fabric, brand new shirts rather than her traditional vintage tees.

Launched in 2005, her store Supadupa Vintage – named when a student in her class exclaimed her work was “Supadupa great!” – carries her line of salvaged vintage T-shirts, which she personally rips to shreds to create her special eco-friendly tatty looks. Since its debut line in 2009, her clothing has appeared on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mel B, Kat Von D and Khloe Kardashian.

Bolanos said that her must-have piece of the collection is the Kukkoon Pocket tee, which she likes best for its “long and drapey” stripped tail in the back.

“If I owned one, I would wear it every day! That shirt is so comfortable, soft, oversized, shredded to perfection – just the way I like it,” she explained.

The line has already seen enthusiastic demand and was being picked up by The DNA Shop in Las Vegas.

“Everyone is going crazy to grab those shredded Levi shorts and we make them to perfection,” the Los Angeles native said.

As each piece is carefully made to order, Bolanos has had to scramble to keep up with the requests. Beyond “the Shreddies,” bestsellers sold at Supadupa Vintage include LUXLA, a new jewelry label of twine braided bracelets made with hex nuts created by designer Amanda McCombs.

With a new fashion designer degree a few months away and a move back to where it all started in her hometown of LA, Bolanos is looking excitedly to the future. In the next two months, she plans to carry about six to eight new designers in her store.

“I think that I'm ready for the next step! ... We are so excited to bring all these brands in the store. We want more variety of clothing and more stock to choose from,” she said.'

Experience the entire collection at www.supadupavtg.com"


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