Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Maxi Wonderland

It's now December and starting to get pretty cold out, like many girls out there, (including us) you might be thinking you just can't let go of your maxi skirts and pants that you've been glued to all summer and fall! Don't worry we have put together a little collage of inspiring winter worthy maxi outfits to help you hold on to your favorite skirts just a little longer. When in doubt, wear a scarf! You can always add a scarf to your outfit to make it more winter appropriate or add some thin leggings or tights under your dress or skirt to keep your legs warm and stay chic on those cold winter nights. We also threw in our latest favorite, the Black Glitter Oxfords now available in our shop! They spice up any outfit and are perfect for new years :)


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